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Mom is sad to see me going back...

I feel really bad for her, and I'm a little concerned about her health. Apparently our family has a history of high blood pressure...psssh what family doesn't?!

Anyways, with the way my brother seems to stress her out...Meh...I don't know.

She says they'll be fine without me.

It'll just be her, Noel and Ladie. Until my dad comes back...on my birthday. >.>

Also, piece of shit hair color...It's supposed to be red. I KNOW how to dye hair...

Turned my brother's hair orange, I feel really bad about that. I should've let him keep it blonde. Oh well, it should wash out in a few days. I'll buy him some dye from Sally's and send it to them with instructions because my mom fails at doing it.

I hope I don't get stuck next to some fucktard again when I board. Also, pleeeeaaaase give me a window seat!!!!

Anime: Kuragehime



When do you suppose that your mother will be able to co-sign the form and stuff? Also when should we go down to put a hold on the apartment? Also, THANK YOU FOR THE BURIMYU/AIRMYU!! I was hoping we could shoot for the apartment available on the 5th, since I need to be out of here before the 14th. We can gather details later. HAVE FUN @ WHATEVERCON. *can't remember which one you're going to* XDDD


Went job hunting with nekochann. Was good times. Went to B&N and found Eclipse. I started it last night and I'm about 3 chapters away from the epilogue. I can't wait to see how everything turns out. XDDDDD

I need to go and turn in all of the applications. Have you done that already Lisa?

Plan on heading to B&N the Monday we have no school for the open interviews. n___n

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Anime: Kuragehime

jobless but determined...

Other than becoming a filthy whore/crack dealer...I need to come up with some munnies.

-Re-apply at the Deli
-Go to Hot Topic and look emo
-Find some sad little first quarter pawn to sell my books to for a seemingly reasonable price
-Hope that the school hosts another job fair this month

PS: Does anyone has a cup cake pan that I can borrow? I need it to make cup cakes for Monday's class. I'm going to arrange it to look like a brain and spinal cord. Then label with icing.
Anime: Kuragehime

Delicious Gakuin/Gakuen?

Just watched the first part of it...OMG.

Crack. Crack. and moar CRACK.


I have to say that my favorite character so far is cabbage boy, Kitasaka Rouma [Nishijima Takahiro]. hehehe. So cute.

I need to do the dishes...but I can't. I cut my finger and I don't know how or when I did it. But it hurtssss. ;___;

Lisa, dost thou still have Pretear? If you do, can I get that from you. I'll give you a DVD when we next meet.
Anime: Kuragehime


Dear Kiki,

You are not a bad friend.

You've always been a great friend. Even though we haven't seen each other or really hung out since early high school.

Thank you so much for your support in everything! If anything I'm the bad friend. All of my problems seem so little compared to what you're going through. I hope that everything turns out for the better for you and your family.

I really want for you to be happy, because Kiki is very beautiful when she is really smiling.



Anime: Kuragehime


This thing just killed my brain...and not in a good way.

Found it on some lame emo kid's site.

though it did give me a small fraction of what I think was a giggle mingled with a tinge of regurgitated stuff.
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